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Ways To Monitor The Employees

Imagine that you are a businessman who had to deal with many employees. You have received fresh laptops from the manufacturing team and they are yet to be distributed to the employees. When you come the next morning to distribute the laptops to the employees, you find that one of the laptop is missing. The thief may be one of your employees or an outsider. But how will you track it? Is it possible for you as an employer to enquire each and every employee? The theft need not be a device; it can also be certain important data. Your job would be simple if a proper monitoring device had been installed in the company.

Why is it necessary to monitor the employees?
Employees are the most important resource of a company. More important is the company and client‘s data. Both the employees and data have to be preserved properly. How can you be certain that your employees are always safe? You may never know what is going to happen next. In case of any sudden fire accidents or any similar threats to the company, employees are the ones who are going to be affected. Hence it becomes a must to install a device or a software to monitor the employees.

We are there to help you providing complete safety to the company. There are various ways from which the employees could be monitored. Some of the ways are keylogger software.

Access Control System: This system can be installed in all main entrances or at every work place. It becomes must for an employee to swipe his card to enter the work place. This is a best way to track about the employees who are present in a particular work spot. Hence it would be easy to track the employees in case of any emergencies like fire accidents. There are certain restricted places in a company which is allowed only for certain employees. For example, a normal employee is not allowed to enter admin areas. In certain cases employees may be restricted to enter the data or files room and networking room. In such cases the access control system plays an important role. The access to the room can be restricted by the access control system. It could be easily tracked when there is any theft or if anything goes wrong in the secured room.

Video Camera:  A video camera is set in almost all companies to monitor the employees. It would help the employer to track the activities and behaviour of the employees easily. It is not necessary for the employer to be present physically to know what goes around the employees. He can sit in his workplace and monitor the employees comfortably.

Employee monitoring tool in projects: Each project can have a monitoring software which needs the employees to login to the software to connect to the project and logout to come out of the project. It may also opt to update the tasks regularly.

With the help of this tool, the employer can track the number of hours spent, various activities in the project and the time spent on each activity by an employee on a project. This tool also benefits the employee by letting the employer know about their strengths and weaknesses. The employer can also utilise this tool to award or send a note of appreciation to the employee about their project.

Employee’s system monitoring tool: Here, we provide software that has to be installed in all the employee’s system. This software helps the employer in monitoring the employee systems. At times it may happen that the employee may knowingly or unknowingly pass on some important information to a third party. The company’s data is very much important to be protected. Hence it becomes must for the employer to track the employees. The software would be able to update the employer about the keystrokes, applications and documents used, files accessed, files deleted, various sites accessed and many other details with date, time and employee details.
Apart from the above specified employee monitoring tools, we provide various other monitoring tools on request. Hence the employer can be very much benefitted by utilising the various monitoring options. He can run the business safely without any fear of losing data or employee.

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